Our programs connect with the natural and social environments in which they operate. They recognise that the natural world can play an important role in healing and seek to nurture the relationship between people and their environment.
Examples of our programs’ commitment to ecology include:

The Outdoor Experience

Our community adventure and bush therapy program, takes participants walking along the nature parks, feeding birds and walking pets
The chance to do something different, to share experiences and make friendships in a different environment, and to learn skills alongside support workers helps to open hearts and minds to other possibilities.

The Outdoor Experience provides participants with an opportunity to connect with nature and the broader environment. The program has a significant positive impact on participants’ morale and strengthens their relationships with support workers.


Our living skills residential program is for people with intellectual disabilities who are in our short-term accommodation or supported independent living arrangements. Our houses have a large backyard, which staff and residents have developed into a garden with a vegetable patch.
Taking responsibility for nurturing the growth of the plants and connecting with nature has had a positive therapeutic impact to our residents.
The garden provides an opportunity for residents to engage in something productive and practical, as well as to think more about what they eat. In a world of instability, the garden provides residents with a sense of security, a place to reflect and an opportunity to practise patience.
Sustainability is not an add-on to our mission and practice, but an integral part of who we are, how we manage our organisation and how we meet the needs of the community we serve.