Social Support

Keeping socially active is an important part of your routine and at Quality Sensory Homes we support socialisation.  Whether you want to participate in local activities like music gigs or shows, or focusing on your volunteer activities supporting the community Quality Sensory Homes have you covered. Our social development programme helps you build skills as well as providing you with transport and accessibility.
Your social and sporting activities are important to you and it is important to us that we get you there as well as giving you physical and emotional support to stay involved. We recognise your community volunteer participation as part of your full time or part time role in your community and cultural diversity is both supported and welcomed.
Supporting your connectedness in our technology assisted programme is part of our progressive ethos. Our Quality Sensory Homes teams are always on hand to help you stay connected or find new ways to connect in your community. Your passions become our goals and helping you get there is our reward.

How it works

Getting to know you is important to us. Your Quality Sensory Homes Disability Customer Care Manager will spend time with you to learn about your hobbies, goals or preferences, and identify with you any social and community connectedness goals to address as well as your personal needs such as mobility or time restrictions due your own personal commitments – it’s really all about what works for you.

Depending on your individual needs, our friendly and experienced Disability Support Workers can visit on a regular basis or occasionally, several times a week or every now and then, we tailor our services around what you want.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

⦁ Community connectedness through hobbies and interests or social and spiritual priorities
⦁ Transportation or interpretation needs to remain in touch with your hobbies and community
⦁ Planned optional group activities in your area with like-minded social groups
⦁ Social support in your own home or preferred location with friends
⦁ Assistance in getting to and from evening events, concerts or spiritual groups
⦁ Social skill development through group or community activities
⦁ Supporting volunteer activities