Supported independent living

Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a shared living arrangement of 2 to 7 NDIS participants, with 24/7 support in a home environment. You will be sharing with two to five housemates who would have been matched to suit your personality, hobbies, interests and support needs. Your housemates will be people that you will be sharing many of life’s experiences with and who you will enjoy a social home environment.

SIL supports people with disability that require assistance with daily life tasks, with each resident being funded individually to reflect both individual and shared support in the home.

Quality sensory homes makes sure that all residents and families have a say in how they are supported and accommodation arrangements in their home. We all become one big family, making informed decisions together based on individual and group needs within our home.

In all our Quality Sensory Homes will provide you with support with daily life tasks within your home as a group or individually to support independence and build personal skills. This may include but not limited to